Working as a medior or senior C#/.NET developer on the future of retail.

Dear developer, hello and welcome to your possible new job! Yes, that sounds pretty frank, but we’re really excited about what the future has in store for us, and hopefully with you. Let us first introduce ourselves: we are SRS, the expert for software solutions in retail.

Who are we?

With retail experience since 1978 and the launch of our online SRS ERP in 2005, our complete automation solution for retailers, we are an excellent partner for the small boutique up to the multinational with more than 100 stores. SRS is used as a SaaS solution for Dutch retailers and stores all across Western Europe and provides the ideal integration of ‘omnichannel retail’, i.e. physical- as well as online stores. We are constantly and actively working to stay at the forefront of technology, in order to continue to provide our clients with advanced solutions for their current and future needs.

Job description

So, quickly back to you. Due to the continuous growth of clients and users, the rapid developments in technology and the increasing complexity of our clients’ ambitions, we are looking for you in the position of C#/.NET developer to join our team. But what exactly does that mean? You work on advanced solutions with a long-term life span that are used in many different locations, by many different users. Our products are built for the long term, so they are not completely re-developed every few years. You will therefore have the time to thoroughly elaborate towards the best solution, together with your senior teammates. We prefer to spend a some more time, to really deliver craftsmanship up until the very last detail, which our customers will be able to utilize for years to come, for their current and future challenges. One example? Think of the software for a large distribution center, on which 135 different conveyor belts and slides continuously work flawlessly and which ‘integrates with various other applications.

If you get excited about building something from scratch, your timing is superb and you’ll be in luck with us. We just started on a total re-write of one of our solutions and that presents a very nice challenge with the latest techniques. We are therefore happy to show you our current basis and are very curious about your ideas. Do you think something could be better? Convince your colleagues and together we will create awesome software. Quality is very important to us and our solutions are therefore subject to a total review once in a while. In this way we can continue to meet our high standards for the future.

In your daily work, we think it is very important that you can do what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Fortunately, this often comes down to the same thing. We do not believe in giving you a very long list of requirements with techniques that you must have worked with for a mandatory number of years. After all, it’s about the person behind the technology who can really make a difference. At the same time, we can imagine that you would like some guidance. So let’s give you a few terms, in no particular order, that you’ll be dealing with with.

Techniques you’ll be dealing with

  • C#
  • XAML
  • MVVM
  • WinUI
  • Xamarin Forms
  • Entity Framework Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Blazor WebAssembly
  • Azure DevOps
  • Various types of harware
  • Git
  • Unit testing
  • Scrum

What we would like to dwell on a little longer is the personal level. We would like to find in you someone who is able to think from a user’s point of view. Someone who is constantly looking for the best tool for the job, who wants to jointly arrive at the best solutions and who helps the technical lead make the right choices. But most importantly… you just think software development is awesome, because we think so too.

Already interested? 

What we offer you

Very important, the terms of employment. A full-time working week with us is 37.5 hours and we are happy to give you a lot of independence in a pleasant working environment. This is at your own choice partly from home, or entirely at our office, but always with nice colleagues who are there to help you. Want some distraction? Then join the daily walk, or play a game in the game room. And if that’s not enough, an outing is organized almost every month by SRS or one of your colleagues. Do you like good food, a game night, or even a trip abroad every now and then? Then the atmosphere at SRS is definitely something for you. In addition, with us you can of course count on a good salary that is neatly paid every month, supplemented with a proper pension scheme and travel allowance. Are you missing something? Do you have any additional wishes? Be sure to let us know!


We could tell you so much more, but for now we’d rather let you do the talking. Are you ready for it? Do you want to realize innovative solutions for the largest and most innovative brands in retail? Let us know via or just give us a call so we can exchange ideas. We’re excited to speak to you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Sample C# projects within SRS

What typifies working at SRS?

A pleasant working environment

Productive working and a good atmosphere go hand in hand with us.

We don't just achieve business-related goals

The sports enthusiasts among us motivate each other to achieve a great result together at an event such as Mudmasters.

Delicious and healthy lunches!

In addition to professional conversations, we like to talk to each other informally every day with a good glass of milk and fresh bread.

The SRS gameroom

Let’s blow off some steam with a game of Drawfull or Fibbage on the Playstation.

Great company outings

Every year an unforgettable company outing at a unique location somewhere in the Netherlands and once every few years abroad.

You're never alone

Growth and development provide a challenging career path. We not only help our customers, we also help and learn from each other.

Get in touch!

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